About Us

About us

Learning is a must for the development of a child, what is more important is learning in the right way. Children have huge potential only if they are facilitated in the right direction.

Our vision at Online Shishya is to create an amalgamation of best teachers, brilliant content, personalized learning and technology, to provide the best online learning environment to students.

We find the best teachers and help students to bring their full potential out by giving them an online learning but a classroom experience with our live classes and peer interactions. Every learner is different thus we provide both personalized and group learning.

Students also get a chance to learn a lot of art-based skills, which shows them the true meaning of education, which is not only studying academics but also go beyond it.

Technology enables us to personalize learning for each student, by giving them relatable and visually rich content and share their recorded live classes which they can access anywhere and anytime. They also get the assessment reports which help them grow by looking at their own improvement scale. Our one on one sessions are specially designed for them to clear every small doubt.

We provide students an all-round learning experience, the courses are for class 5 to class 12 for CBSE and Odisha board, along with the academic courses we give classes for drawing, sketching, coding, blogging and lot more. Slowly we are going to involve a lot of other activities and learning with Online Sikshya is always fun and a lot to know.

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Our Values

Customer Happiness

Make a positive difference in the lives of our students


Make a positive difference in the lives of our students


Do today, what we could do tomorrow


Set ambitious targets and work hard towards achieving them


Find quick and smart solutions to meet our goals


With every milestone, aim higher and strive to achieve it


Keep students first by putting ourselves in their shoes


Do it like it should be done, tell it as it should be told

Type of Course We Provide?

We are at OnlineSikshya Providing more than 20+ Courses, Each Type of Subjects have Different Specialized Subjects Provided to Students if You Want to More info Please Click on "Show Courses Details" Button.

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