Blogging Classes for Kids -
Introduce Your Kids to the World of Blogging

This Blogging course will help your child explore his/her hidden talent and acquire a future ready skill

Why Choose Blogging?

Blogging is a one of the amazing way to spend quality time with your child,
Blogging is all kinds of fun and It's Improves Writing Skills of Your Child.

Brain Development

Blogging improves your child's Logical & analytical skills

Self Expression & Creativity

Blogging helps your child express themselves to the world and improve their creativity

Make Money

Blogging helps your child acquire a future skill & make money as well !!

Personality development

Blogging helps in Personality development of your child

Digital Journaling

Blogging equips your child to share his/her creations to the world

Improves reading & writing skills

The Blogging will help your child to become expert content writer in any niche

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About the Course

Blogging for kids is a one of a kind course that helps your child learn how to start their blog and express their thoughts, knowledge and experience with the world.


Learn How To Create a Blog
  • Basics of Blogging
  • Blog setup
  • Content Writing


Learn How To Create & promote a Blog
  • Everything in Beginner +
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Social Media Marketing

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What our existing students & their parents say
Online Sikshya is a career accelerator that allows students to learn new skills, take their careers in a different direction, and pursue a career they are passionate about.
anant panda
Anant Panda
The reason why I’ve chosen Online Sikshya is the joy of seeing every child develop new skills and building their lives on knowledge and hard work.
Jasaswini Priyadarsini
Jasaswini Priyadarsini
I have chosen to be a part of the online sikshya because I always enjoyed interacting with everyone, grasp new concepts and acquire new skills.
sabyasachi mishra
Sabyasachi Mishra
Online sikshya cares about its teachers and students. It provides a wide variety of professional development workshops, online support and mentors.
Dharmendra Dwivedi
Dharmendra Dwivedi

Curriculum of this Course

Learn about different types of websites, Blogs and how to start your Blogging journey.

Learn how to find the best & profitable Niche/Topic for your Blog

Learn how to setup your Blog using third party blogging platforms as well as setting up your Blog on your own domain using WordPress.

Learn how to write compelling content for your readers

How to find and use the best Keywords in your Blog articles

How to drive Traffic to your Blog using SEO

Learn how to promote your Blog on Social Media and drive traffic from Social Media

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